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On this page - An overview of Isle of Capri and Capri attractions.

See our map of Capri for the locations of Capri attractions.

Getting to Capri - for information on how to get to Capri see our getting to Capri page.

The best way to get around is by walking, taxi or bus. The island is not huge so can be explored quite economically. A boat trip Capri Island tour that takes you around the island is a great idea and well worth it.

If you are only day tripping to the island from the Amalfi Coast then you should be able to do this from most locations. Look into the private boat trips to the island as this will usually incorporate a boat trip around the island as part of the deal. This is a good alternative to just taking the ferry.

Mount Solaro:

This is the highest point on the island and the good news is you can take a chairlift to get up there. The chairlift leaves from the Piazza della Vittoria which is just as you come into Anacapri.

The views from this vantage point are spectacular and a must do when on the island. Particularly if the weather is clear.

Mount Solaro
Mount Solaro

Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra)

The most famous of all the Capri attractions, and it is stunning but it can get so busy and you have to wait for a space on the little rowboats that take you in.

Boy they must make a killing at 10 Euros per person. I have heard of people swimming through after the boats stop working after 5.30pm. Have not tried this myself but sounds like a good option to see it without the crowds. Just watch the tides.

Blue Grotto

White Grotto:

The White Grotto is actually made up of 2 grottos. The white grotto is down on the water and above it is the Marvellous Grotto. You need a boat to reach either of the grottos. The Marvellous Grotto is accessed via the White Grotto up some stairs carved in the rock.

Arco Naturale (Natural Arch)

An impressive rocky arch that has been formed by what remains of the entrance to a large cave. The sides and top have collapsed a long time ago leaving a large arch. Looking down through the arch you get a good view of the cove below.

The walk from the Piazzetta along Via Le Botteghe is worth it as this beautiful road goes past many characteristic villas and gardens on your way to the arch. Just before reaching the Arch on via matermania you can stop at Le Grottelle, a restaurant and pizzeria with a large thatched terrace. Built into the rock the terrace overlooks the open sea. A great little interlude on your walk.

Arco Naturale

Grotto di Matermania

This cave was fitted out with brickworks in the Roman Imperial Age, probably for the Roman emperor Tiberius. He loved to take refuge in hard to find places on Capri. The steps at the end lead to the Natural Arch

Green Grotto:

If you take a boat trip then see if they will give you a swim here. The boat drops you off on one side and you swim through to the other side. Emerald green waters, very nice.

Green grotto swimming

Red Grotto: (Grotta Rossa)

Red Grotto gets its name from the red-coloured coral that slightly tint this cave.

Saints Grotto

A grotto where the sea has created formations in the rocks that resemble religeous kneeling figures.

Marina Piccola

The smaller of the two main ports on the island. Marina Picola is on the southern side and therefore has a nice aspect to the sun. There are several quaint ristorante and it definitely has a beach atmosphere. The swimming here is good although the beaches are small so tends to get crowded. Some of the day trip boats drop off and pick up here instead of Marina Grande.

Marina Piccola

Harbour of Tragara (Porto Tragara)

Tragara was once an ancient Roman port. It is not known the exact purpose of the port but it is thought that boats used to stop here to gain new supplies of water. Traces of these cisterns remain today. I find anything Roman interesting especially if it has the ability to take you back in time and imagine how it may have been. 

Good swimming here if not too busy.


Villa San Michele

A magnificent building in built in 1896 displays 17th century furniture and Roman sculpture. When excavating the site for the building of San Michele the remains of a Roman villa were unearthed. These are displayed on the site. We are talking beautiful gardens miniature streams, and a awesome views. Friday night concerts from June through August.

Villa San Michele

Castello Barbarossa

Castle ruins on the top of Monte Barbarossa. Now a national bird observatory. I have not been up here personally but marked it as of interest.

Villa Jovis

The site of what was an amazing Roman villa, built for Tiberius. There are significant remains of the villa. Of course when we say villa we are talking roman emporer proportions, some 5500 sqaure metres. Sensational views from this site chosen for security and seclusion. 

A great Capri attraction and well worth a visit.

Villa Jovis

Certosa di San Giacomo

Not a hot spot for tourists, a little known Capri attraction. But if you have the time it is worth a look for the architecture and peaceful gardens. The courtyards plus the great views. It is free to get in and is open Tue to Sun 9am to 2pm.

Piazzetta - Piazza Umberto

Does this classify as a Capri attraction? Probably.

Situated at the top of the funicular railway that brings you up from the Marina Grande, this is the main centre of the island for tourists and locals. Around this area is excellent wining and dining, shopping and entertainment. Take the time to wander the narrow alleyways of this area and absorb the atmos.


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