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Getting to Capri

Our tips and information on getting to Capri

Getting There

From Rome to Salerno

I have included this option because I have a major dislike for Naples.(If you want to get hassled ripped off at every turn, then head straight for Naples. Nobody does it better)

Trains from Rome to Salerno cost 20 to 40 Euro and the journey time is 2 to 3 hours depending on the service you take. You want to get a ferry from the Molo Masuccio Salernitano (Concordia Dock, because it's by the Piazza della Concordia) this dock is only 5 minutes on foot from the train station. I mention this because ferries also leave from Molo Manfredi but this is a lot further away from the train station.

If you are visiting Amalfi and Positano before your trip to Capri then this strengthens your case for by-passing Naples and going straight to Salerno from Rome.

From Rome to Naples- (If you must go to Naples!)

The train from Rome to Naples takes 1:20 or 2:13 depending on the service you take and costs 20 to 40 Euro. Arriving by train you must note that there are three train stations in Naples but the best is Napoli Centrale or Piazza Garibaldi because it is the nearest to the harbor and it is where the great majority of long-distance trains arrive.

The best way to reach the harbor from the airport or the station is by taxi. So as to avoid unpleasant surprises make sure you use licensed taxis only. The price of the ride is indicated on the taximeter, which must be used by the driver. I reccommend you ask for a fixed rate. These rates are available for the journey from the Train Station to the port. Note that the fixed rate is all inclusive so don't get sucked in by additions for luggage etc. Rate should be about 10 Euros and take about 15 minutes.

Cars - A car is of little use on Capri so if you have hired a car I suggest that you leave it on the mainland while you are on Capri.

From Naples

You can get to Capri from Naples by ferry (the crossing takes about 80 minutes, price approximately 10 Euros) or by hydrofoil (50 minutes, price approximately 16 Euro); Hydrofoils leave Naples from the port of Beverello, and the ferries from the smaller port of Calata di Massa. Departures are more frequent from Beverello but like me you may prefer to take a ferry where you can be outside and take in the sea air.


Getting the ferry from Sorrento, Positano or Amalfi

From Sorrento by ferry (the trip takes about 40 minutes, price approx. 9 Euro) or by hydrofoil (20 minutes, price approx. 15 Euro).

In the high season you can reach Capri directly from Positano or Amalfi. Beware though, if the weather is a bit rough from the wrong direction then the ferry may not run from Positano as it does not have a real harbour. It is about 45 minutes from Positano and 90 minutes from Amalfi. It costs about 16 Euro each way from Positano.

Day Trips

If you are not staying on Capri you can day trip from Positano, Sorrento or Amalfi with one of the many tour operators for about 50 Euro. This is a great way to see Capri. Go with one of the smaller operators and you should get a few swimming stops around the island as well. The tours will give you about 4 hours on the island which is a bit of a rush to see everything but gives you a good idea of the place.

Funicular - there is a funicular railway from Marina Grande up to the main town of Capri.

Baggage Porters

You may find it a good idea to entrust your baggage to the porters at the port of Marina Grande. They will deliver it to your hotel on request. You can then proceed on foot. Take the funicular railway up to the main town and you can then walk to your hotel.

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